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A satellite event of the 14th Internation Conference of Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns (CAIP2011)




09:00 09:30


09:30 10:00

Introduction to Attention Mechanisms for Social Robots [PDF]

Antonio J. Palomino

10:00 10:30

Qualitative segmentation of spatiotemporal features for dynamic objects prioritization [PDF]

Anna Belardinelli

10:30 11:00

Coffee break

11:00 12:00

Gauging Network Structure and Complexity [PDF]

Edwin Hancock

12:00 13:00

Scene Categorization through Combining Information Theory and Information Geometry

Francisco Escolano

13:00 14:30 Lunch
14:30 15:30

Combining compositional shape hierarchy and multi-class object taxonomy for efficient object categorization

Ales Leonardis

15:30 16:30 Brokerage event
16:30 18:00

Coffee break - Brokerage event

09:00 10:00

Active perception for grasping and imitation strategies on humanoid robots [PDF]

Tamim Asfour

10:00 10:30

Reconstruction the missing dimenssion: From 2D to 3D human pose estimation [ZIP]

Juergen Brauer

10:30 11:00 Coffee break
11:00 12:00

Robot Learning by Imitation [PDF]

Juan P. Bandera

12:00 12:30

Hierarchy and reversibility in human motion modeling - A Bayesian approach [PDF]

Luis Santos

12:30 13:00

Probabilistic human activity understanding [PDF]

Kamrad Khoshhal

13:00 14:30 Lunch
14:30 15:30

Optimal actions for better understanding: the non-convex paradigm for learning

Ruben Martinez-Cantin

15:30 16:30

Architectures for the integration of automated planning and machine learning in autonomous robots [PDF]

Fernando Fernandez-Rebollo

16:30 18:00

Coffee break - Poster session